Thursday, September 11, 2008

2 Guys Talking Star Wars, Episode 1

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away...

...Okay. Not so long ago (two weeks) and not so far (Orlando).

Hey folks! Tim here of the Brad & Tim "2 Guys Talking Star Wars" fame. This is our inaugural blog post which will (in the future) coincide with the podcast release dates.

This first post addresses the first show where we covered what happens to a laser blast when it doesn't connect with any target and we argue the merits of the various heroes.

The laser topic is a basic review of Newtonian physics for Brad's sake; the question becomes, can "The Force" and Newtonian physics live side-by-side in the same universe?

As for heroes, I've always asserted that Mace Windu was contrived just to justify Samuel Jackson getting a Jedi role. Brad argues that Mace was crucial to the story lines. All this comes about as we discuss the merits of the various "heroes" and what defines a hero.

On a different note, we all sat down to watch both "Star Wait" and the Genndy Tartakovsky version of "Clone Wars" last weekend, reaffirming our fanhood.

I'm going to leave it to Brad to put out blog post two, and I'm hoping he'll also clarify our disclaimer, so all you haters, please wait to flame until you've heard his two cents.

Until next time, this is Tim saying "May the Force Be With You"!


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