Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hunting the Hunters

You know, Tim, a listener brought to my attention that we don't really know the layout of the solar system in which Alderaan resided and thus the circumstances behind the Death Star's approach to Alderaan prior to Alderaan's destruction -- in contrast to the period of threat to the rebs on Yavin IV where we had a glimpse of the DS's approach around Yavin. This brings up two good issues, 1) Was it shielded upon its approach to the planet by the local sun(s)?, and 2) how overwhelmingly much of the saga Lucas and his crew left to be deciphered by the audience. If nothing else, he may be not so much a master of the story telling (though he is that for sure), but rather a master of the story not told.

On another matter we touched on in the latest podcast, the topic of the September 11th attacks came up this morning with some friends at breakfast and, specifically, the current status of the pursuit of the wolves behind them. I was pleasantly surprised to hear them voice how strongly they still wanted our country and allies to nab Bin Laden himself and make a punitive statement about these kinds of "Tarkinian" thinkers. That's how I feel. Time has not lessened my yen for justice on this one!


Blogger Tim said...

I'm gonna have to dig out my first edition Star Wars novel and see how the Death Star's approach in both cases was treated.

September 14, 2008 9:37 PM  

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